Sunday, April 17, 2011

Itemar new victims

Israel announced this morning that they have captured the Itemar murderer, as I went through the article I couldn't help not to smile when I read the expected result, they are accusing Palestinians with this crime, Nothing new here. Israel officially accused Palestinian since the early minutes of the attacks. and this my dear reader lead to (the Racist police officer) investigation methodology, "we got the suspect, he is guilty, just find an evidence to prove it...NO need for concrete evidence, anything will work."
remind you with Robin Carter story.

In the 40 days after the Attack, Israeli army and almost every Israeli security forces working in the west bank(Shabak, DofDofan, Police, Border Police, collaborators....etc), will raid the near village of Awarta, dragging around 8000 Palestinian to interrogation, including old men, women and children.

Um Adam and her 80 years old husband were dragged to Hawara military camp, where she was interrogated, by an Israeli soldier, who "stupidly" accused her with the Attack in Itemar, she responded by pointing out what he missed, she is old! she was released 4 hours later.

anyway, I don't trust the methodology Israel has used, they accused a whole village, with a crime, then looked for the weakest and waited for someone to crack under the Investigation pressure.
Until now as the only evidence Israel have are the suspects confession.

so, as Israel arrested those teenager based on racial and ethnic back ground, rather than following the professional and objective investigation path, I strongly believe Israel must release them and all the Palestinian they arrested in relation to this crime and start an objective investigation....

which will NEVER happen, they got their Prise!

PS: one of the 2 suspect is recovering from a recent surgery, maan reported.

I seek no justice from my oppressor, I just remind you in case you forgot



  1. Being Palestinian in Israel and the Occupied Territories sounds an awful lot like being Black in the US South during the 1940's...

    I read an article in Haaretz claiming that a Thai migrant worker was the prime suspect in the Itamar murder (as you can see in this whack settler video, there are several, most likely underpaid, Asian migrant workers in the West Bank building illegal settlements). I wonder what happened with that.

    I wouldn't be surprised if these two young men were arrested simply based on ethnicity and not on any real evidence. Did the Israeli security torture them to extract "confessions"?

  2. well, the Israeli would put u in a closed room, with a very angry soldier, who started shouting accusations at you, until, you either crack up or just look back at him and say "ohh sonny, did u brought my medicine with you, I asked the soldiers who arrest me to bring the, and sonny if u missed it, i am 79 years old"

    they do torture, physically and psychologically..

    the door is closed, no one will see anything