Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hamas and Islamic Jehad Merging Talks

Hamas and Islamic Jehad are discussing the merging of the 2 factions into one. uniting the Palestinian political  Islam under one flag, leaving behind some small factions such as Hizb AL Tahreer and the Salafies, who might join later.

Although I support all unity effort between the different Palestinian's factions everywhere, I cant hide my concerns about this unity "if it ever happened!".

In one hand, the merging between Hamas and Islamic Jehad will unite the Palestinian armed resistance against the Israeli colonialism creating a much bigger army, advancing the resistance tactics, and even make all actions against the Israeli oppressor more direct and painful. For me this is a dream coming true.
Islamic Jehad Fighter

In other hand, this will mean putting the armed fighter under a joint leadership, a leadership that might have it's personal agendas, or objectives that are not in the interest of the Palestinian people. Which will put a lot of the resistance in one basket. If they decided to stop. EVERY thing will stop"we are talking about the 2 biggest armed groups here" anytime they don't feel like it. As what happened when the PLO decided to go with the piece talks in 1993.
I wont say this will be a problem if this leadership will be elected democratically by the members "if not the whole nation" Islamic block.".
Hamas Fighter

Finally we cant ignore any unity between Hamas and Islamic Jehad will create an Islamic block equally strong, and equally representative faction of the Palestinian people as the PLO, if not more. Which will make the PLO weaker than it's now, as many frustrated Palestinian individual "don't have to be Islamic" will join this block.

Their is still many issues Islamic Jihad and Hamas have to overcome, but if they managed to achieve unity between themselves. As a Palestinian citizen I demand them to join the PLO. or the PLO can join them.

Maybe for once we will work for Palestine

In the End, I might be wrong, I might be right, If I am wrong. Please, correct me in the comment section below.

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