Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life log 02

First of all, let me clear one thing, these posts are not, about the first Intifada. Though I will be blogging about the first Intifada later. For this I will be using my mom's diaries, which will be interesting, don't you think?

For now, I am sticking to my theme. For this story, I am going to jump to pre-Oslo era, the few months that followed Oslo signing, Israel's full control of Nablus in it's last days, and the moment in which they came to my old city neighborhood for one last visit. 

It was 1993, I was 8 years old, me and my cousins were going out for a bike ride around the city, as we passed my house's gate. We saw the Shabab running and shouting, "Jeesh, Jeesh"-Jeesh is Arabic for Army-. Me and my cousins dragged our bikes back and. carried them back home, by the time I reached the house. the soldiers were already entering the gate. making their way up. 

The soldiers, did nothing to us, they just told us do what ever u want, just keep all doors open, we want to keep an eye on you. we are coming for Ahmad, we are not leaving Nablus without him. 

Who is Ahmad 
"Ahmad Tabouq, A Palestinian armed fighter and founder of Soqor Fatah (Fatah Eagles) in the first Intifada. When it ended with the Oslo accords, he turned to an armed thug, and when the second Intifada started, he found his way again. He died while defending the old city of Nablus in April 2002"

Ahmad Tabouq, picture date and place are unknown

The soldiers then spread all over our house, which overlooked Ahmad's house. The snipers took place on the roofs. I remember how while I was secretly sneaking lookings to the very cool looking sniper, another unit, entered our cousin's house next door. His wife was doing the dishes, and started to cry as soon as she saw the soldiers (when the soldiers enter a house they enter all rooms, acting as they own the house).  The unit commander called my mom to take my cousin's wife away. A bit later he called my mom again, telling her to pick up her rings and hand watch she left on the kitchen table. One soldier pointed to the jewelry and said "I will hate to find a complaint about my soldiers".

the soldiers, stayed all night, and left next morning, they didn't find Ahmad, we later found out, that Ahmad left home and the entire city, while the soldiers were entering the old city he had managed to walk right between them without noticing him. 

the whole event was not traumatic, to me, rather it was an exciting night having all cousin gathered in one place. The main point however is that I for the first time in my life got the chance to look to the Israeli soldier from a short range. And finally this was the day I realized, those men in green can fuck with you whenever they want. even if you are innocent! 


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