Thursday, July 28, 2011

50 I hate about Palestine

No, I don't hate Palestine, I worship Palestine,
but if these go away, I will love it even more.

1- Checkpoints
2- Curfew
3- Refugee camps
4- Night raids
5- Airstrikes
6- Tear gas
7- Rubber bullets
8- Live bullets
9- Fake airstrikes at 2AM
10- Flying checkpoints
11- Political factions
12- The Wall
13- Settlements
14- Settlers (yeah I know those are the one who live in the settlement , but they are bad enough to be mentioned on their own)
15- No Airport
16- No control over our own border
17- Tawjihi
18- Israeli Prisons
19- Skunk truck (water canon with a very bad smelling liquid)
20- Death culture
21- Transportation system
22- Poverty
23- Funerals
24- Shooting at weddings
25- Fireworks
26- No control over your own life
27- Travel documents.... not even a passport
28- Can't remember the last time I saw the sea
29- Camping is no longer an option
30- Crowded public schools
31- The capitalist system
32- Universities
33- NGO's
34- Governmental Hospitals
35- Cooperators (aka traitors)
36- Death penalty
37- Unemployment
38- Humiliation in every border room in every airport
39- Being a suspect
40- The emotionlessness (not even a word) that takes over you
41- ATM lines every month
42- The services based economy
43- The US Aid and EU billboards
44- The ISM activist
45- The calls to non-violent resistance from the elites
46- The rich sitting in a bar talking about liberation and resistance.
47- The couples and groups only system…if you are a white individual then you are alright (specific for bars, coffee shops and parks)
48- The "it's normal" or "what can we do" attitude
49- The National TV
50- The factions websites

That's it.


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