Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinking in their Blood

 Watching the news and people feeds about Eilat attacks, and later the Israeli reactions by Air striking  Gaza, made me think about why those people carried guns and went on shooting other peoples, I felt rage inside me, how you can open fire on civilians, I didn't had to think long, remembering one incident brought it all back

When I was a freshman in the university we had a class called Palestinian studies, the class was about the History of the Palestinian cause since the raise of the anti-Semitism in Europe, until the beginning of the second intifada, The class was fun. -well, at least that what I thought-.

In the last 2 weeks of classes we started discussing the first and second intifada, we were all from the same generation, born in the first intifadas, and lived the second one. One day we brought suicide attack, and violent resistance as a mean the Palestinian uses to end the occupation.

While the discussion was heating up, a girl setting in the corner said “I dream about the day when I see TelAvive sinking in its own blood.” She was looking down into her notebook when she said so. The teacher replies “why too much hate? ”.

The girl looked at him, and started to explain from where all this hate came from, “I was only 8 when they brought my 19 years old brother back home, without his head.” She continued with the story “He was in jail for months, in the day of his release a Jeep took him blindfolded and dropped him somewhere in the west bank, not knowing where he was he wondered around, before he stumble upon a group of soldiers, next thing we know was the military commander knocking on our door at 1AM, he  told my father they are going to give him the body, but he have until 3Am to bury him, they brought him from Abu Kbeer without his head!”

After she finished, the whole classes fall in silent, we couldn’t think of anything to say, we were shocked. In the middle of this silence a young man said “They shall pay. One day, they will pay”.

I didn’t see this girl again, it was her final year, I don’t know where is she from(Guess a village near Tulkarem, from the accent), or even her name, she left my life as she entered it, anonymous.

THINK! Is she the only one?, how many others have lost family and loved ones? How many think the same as this young man? Believe many do, so please before you start talking about love and peace, listen to this people, and try to understand them.


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