Sunday, November 20, 2011

My takes on the Freedom Ride

In November 15, 2011, a group of Palestinian activist calling themselves the "freedom riders", attempted to ride "Israeli only" bus in its way to Jerusalem " all Israeli buses operating between the settlement in the occupied west bank don't allow Palestinian IN" , the action organizers said this action is to........ read the press release here

This action I didn't support, and those are my reasons:

1- The Name, "Freedom rides": Although the use of this name may help the average US citizen to relate the palestinian freedom ride with original freedom rides in the late 60's. It was a historical political statement against segregation and white supremacy.
Yet what the people missed is, average person will make the relation directly, they wont read the press release "how many people you think actually read". Next thing you know is tweets and posts "Brave Palestinian fighting the Israeli segregation in the West Bank demanding equality and social justice" specially if they knew so little about the conflict.

2- It was an educational event, introduced to the world as a Liberation act. YES, it was a great method to educate the world about Israel's segregation system in the occupied West Bank. Yet the the freedom ride  was introduced to the media as an act of liberation. which confused individuals and media outlets, turning the Palestinian struggles from a fight for liberation and decolonialization into a struggle for equality with colonizers and social justice.

3- All struggles for justice, equality, and freedom, all over the world, established its personal tactics in resisting oppression whether they used chooses Nonviolent as their weapon, such as the civil right movement, or used armed resistance such as the Cuban revolution.
At the same time Palestinian failed to establish their own resistance tactics, well, this is not fair, the Palestinian did establish their own tactics, they did adopt the popular war in the first Intifada".
In other hand when the Palestinian adopted nonviolent, they end up imitating other nations, without any creativity or consideration to the special case the Palestinian cause is.
They even used the same names for god sake "really? freedom rides!!?".
Using the wrong tool leads to the wrong out comes.. simple logic

4- Disengaging the average Palestinian. let me put it this way, when you do something almost half of the world know about it, at the same time your own people almost knew nothing about it, then what ever you do, does not represent them, but represent you as an individual or your group. In other words, you are doing it wrong.

5- finally, It just didn't feel right!


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