Friday, December 9, 2011

Hussam Abd Al-Azez

He was 19 years old when a an Israeli Jeep opened fire on him, the Shabak officers walked to his bleeding body, stepped on his chest and open fire again! the Israeli left the body ragged with bullets.

"He used to come and sit with us, he either called me Khalti or Um Ahmad, he refused to take money from anyone, he was highly principled, he went to his own death" my mom said while she was squeezing some oranges. 

She continued, "they hated him, they wanted him dead, poor kid, he was sent to jail when he was 12, was released 5 years later, he had a Leukemia, they didn't want to pay for his treatment, so they released him, he was dying anyway." 

My father volunteers to add to the story, "they were a group of young activist, they were specialized in throwing Molotov cocktails, once he and another young boy, throw a Molotov at a passing Jeep, the soldiers chased them for a while, the kids ran up the mountains. Soldiers tried to surround them so they ran back, jumped over a wall, where Hussam got injured, he started to bleed yet, they still had to hide, so they ran into the near grave yard, and hide in a coffin, the army searched the grave yard for a while, as soon as they left they ran to the Hospital, Hussam has already lost a lot of blood, his friend called for help, a nurse rushed for help, they tried to help but he needed blood, they found non but disposed blood bag, the blood was tainted, but they didn't care, well, no much choices there, dont you think! few weeks later they were captured."

My dad stopped to protest me using the actual names, "I know it's long time ago, don't trust those bastards." After deleting the name and replacing it with comrade, my dad continued, "they were sentenced for 12 years, few months after their arrest, the prisoners declared a hunger strike, they joined, 5 days later, Hussam was very sick, they took him to the Hospital. In the Hospital they told him, you have to change blood every week, you blood is tainted! 4 years later the Israeli authority released him, they are no longer paying for his treatment."

I found nothing better than telling the story of an unknown Initfada's soldiers to commemorate the first Intifida!

The Palestinian Never Dies!, Have you ever saw a nation die!

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