Sunday, December 18, 2011

You don't need Books to see Injustice

A video in Arabic for an Egyptian worker in the Tahrir Square explaining why he is protesting. I translated the point the draw my attention the most from this 6 minutes video posted in December 17, 2011. 
The uploader wrote in the description "لو مش فاهم مين و ليه الناس بتنزل" "If you don't understand who and why people are protesting." 

If you don't understand Arabic, I tried to translate what I thought is important! 

Cameraman: "Why you came to the Tahrir?"
Worker: "For justice!"
Cameraman: "Why, didn't they do anything?"
Worker: "They didn't do anything, and they wont do, they always use the Budget as an excuse. while construction work is progressing in the 5th compound, for banks and corporations, for the rich, why those people business don't get interrupted, why when it come to the poor, things stops, No! Rice is expensive, Sugar is Expansive,(...). 
The Muslims Shaikhs as well, all of them, they only say, Allah said, Muhamad said, we know what they said, do we look infidel to you. Do what Allah said, and what Muhamad said, and we will follow, but you come and ask me to accept poverty while you enjoy wealth.
And the Muslim brotherhood, as soon as they made their deal with the rollers they declared the country as their own prize, 30 years in the oppressor jails, but now the whole country is their prize."     

After watching this video over and over and over, I could think of nothing, but how wrong I was when I talked about "educating" the people, or thinking I know better than they do. 
I thought of all the people who spend hours discussing Trotsky and Marx, and how small they are comparing to this man. how small am I for thinking that I know better. I had to read to learn, he lived it.

so, my dear thinker who spend their lives discussing Trotsky and Marx in closed rooms with clouds of smoke and tons of coffee, GO FUCK YOURSELF 

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