Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ezzeddine Erroussi

Ezzeddine Erroussi, 23. is a Moroccan student activist from Taza, east of Morocco, Errousi was arrested in the first of December, 2011 from inside Taza university campus, when the university administration used the police to suppress student protests demanding student housing, cafeterias and Scholarship programs for the university students.
Ezzeddine Erroussi
Erroussi a third year economy student, sentenced for 3 month and 500 Moroccan Dirham, "59.1 USD" from the court of first instance for assaulting and detaining a policeman, yet when he was taken to the Appeals court, his sentence was expanded to 5 months of active prison time and 5000 Moroccan Dirham "591.6 USD".

In 19/12/2011, Erroussi started his hunger strike, at first he announced a 10 days hunger strike in protest of his initial sentence, but after the court confirmed and extended his sentence he declared an open hunger strike.

In January 23ed, 2012, Muhamad Gholot "Baher MoMo", Mihamad Al Zughaidi, Ibrahim Al Saeedi and Muhammad Fatal, detainees in Ein Qadous prison in Fass, joined Erroussi in the battle for freedom and justice for all Moroccan political prisoners.

 In February 14th, 2012, Muhamad Ghalat, Jadah Bi Baker, Lahassan Drajo, Muhamad Bikamarah, Yousef Ehjaih and Tareq Humani detained in Taza prison, started an open hunger strike.

In February, 22ed. 2012 Hisham Salah, Abduallateef AlEdreesi and Elioe AlGhali detainees in Toshka prison started a hunger strike as well.

They are all still in Hunger Strike

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