Friday, April 6, 2012

Palestinian Spring Story

The following event took place between the 4th and the 23ed of April, 2002. These account is just a line from the biggest chapters of the Palestinian second Intifada.
The April massacre as we calls it, or Operation defensive shield as the Israeli military calls it, played a major role in forming the image of Israel in my mind for years.
Tanks at one of the old city entrances
In Tuesday night as we heard the tanks rolling into the city, my mom insisted on all of us sleeping in my parents bedroom, she was worried the Israeli would open fire randomly on the houses. "They did it before, what will stop them now". 

I put my mattress in my parents bedroom, and sit everything for my evening read, I was reading the Arabic translation of "Ten days that shook the world" John reed account on October revolution,1917. 20 minutes later I decided to sleep. 
I tried to sleep, but the sound of the tanks rolling stimulated my imagination, I draw many mental images of the tanks, fighters, bombs, and even battles scenarios. Men wearing green uniforms setting their anti-tanks canons, waiting for tanks approaching from the western bank of the river..... wait.. What river? Damn communist literature.

Around med night, the Apache helicopters showed up in the sky, didn't to see them, it was hard to see anything in complete darkness. Minutes after their arrival flares filled the sky, then a small light appeared followed with a hissing sound. The first rocket was launched on a barricade in on of Nablus main streets!
3 hours later, around 2AM, I am still awake, my mom woke up on the sound of a rocket being lunched, "it's ok son, it's just a rocket" she said!

"It's the 13th" I said before I turns around and sleep 
In 25th of April, after the Israeli left the city, I went back to the small streets of the old city where I grow up. Trying to discover my hometown after the fascist forces added their touch. The amount of destruction was over whelming. It looked like nothing survived the attack intact. everything, everyone was hurt.  

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