Thursday, February 23, 2012

Israel is an Apartheid State

No, I am not talking about the Israeli discrimination policies against the Palestinian who live under the Israeli military occupation in the west bank. or the second class Palestinian citizens of Israel.  
I am talking about the discrimination against the African asylum seekers, who walked the desert, crossed borders in search of decent life in the only democracy in middle east. 
Most of those refugees end up living in the streets of Tel Avive. enslaved by the employers who spoiled their illegal status, paying them almost nothing, and granting them few rights if any. 

Watch this 57 minutes video made by Israeli human rights defenders to learn more!.

This video is a solid evidence that Israel as a government practice segregation, racism, and exploitation of people from different ethnicity, race and religion to ensure the superiority of the Jews. 
the same apply on almost all of the western world, not just Israel.


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