Monday, February 27, 2012

We are here Because we want Peace.

The Israeli Army raided the Village of Nabisaleh last night! "AGAIN"
This time they raided the house of Bilal Al Tamimi who filmed the raid and the conversation between him and the Israeli soldiers. When Bilal asked the soldier why you are here. 
The soldier answered "We are here because we want peace!"

Every time I hear an Israeli soldier talks to a Palestinian, I feel hatred superiority and dehumanization in his voice and the way he talks.
Which I believe, is something deeply rooted in the Israeli army culture, if not the Israeli society. 

You can sense that from the video. Can't you?


  1. The funniest thing in the video is when the militant asks Bilal "do you have anything forbidden like knives?"

    It's also worth noting how they're trained on how they should talk. Unfortunately with them, whatever they say it just looks stupid in line with what they do.

    1. LOL true that!

      I remember when big kitchen knife were illegal to obtain back in the early 90's..
      I didn't see a big kitchen knife until i was 10