Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Weekend in 2 Videos

First Video is from Open Shuhada street protest last Friday. Over 6 thousands Palestinian marched in attempt to open Shuhada street that goes through the old city of Hebron. The street has been closed since 2001.
The annual protest is organised to commemorate the 1994 Ibrahimi mosque massacre. In which the American Jewish doctor Barokh Golishtine killed 29 Palestinian, when he opened fire at the Muslim worshipers during the morning prayer in Ramadan.
The video highlights the brutal arrest of a Palestinian protester who confronted the soldiers and told them to go back, "it's Palestine here", he was pepper sprayed, pushed to the Jeep, then hand cuffed.
He and the other sic people arrested during the protest will be brought to the Israeli military court in Ofer in Monday 27th of February.

The second video comes from Nabi Saleh, where the Israeli army decided to pay the resident an after midnight visit, in search of Shabab. Such raids became a routine to the Israeli army, as they think if they harassed the people enough, they will eventually stop anti-occupation weekly protest. 
You can hear at 2:10 the soldier saying "We will come again"
Note that couple of weeks ago during a night raid the Israeli army assaulted the family and arrested the brother of Mustafa Tamimi, a young man killed by the Israeli army in December 9,2011. 

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