Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Pride in the Israeli Apartheid

It was a good day, beside the fact my dentist put me in pain! but in general it was a Good day.

Let me start with the first reason, Mahmoud Sarsak is finally home, after 3 years of unlawful detention, and the longest hunger strike in the history of the Palestinian prisoners movement, as his hunger strike lasted 96 days. 
I will shut up now, main point is Mahmoud Sarsak is back to embrace his mother! 

The second reason was this video Surf_Fox sent me less than hour ago, I must admit, at first I ignored it, but when I started watching, I couldn't stop smiling! 
Its from London world pride, in the video participants in the pride expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people, and their opposition to the Israeli pink washing policies. 

The video is the result of No pink washing efforts. No pink washing is a group of Palestine campaigners, trade unionist and socialist based in Britain, as they described themselves in the website.


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