Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nothing Normal about Normalization

A response to Aziz Abu Sarah post in 972 magazine what is normal about normalization.

First of all, allow me to start with the definition of ‘normalization,’ at least the one that Palestinian anti-normalization activists use; normalization is the participation in, or joint work with, any Israeli in a field other than politics, which might imply that the relation between the Palestinian and the Israeli is normal. i.e. myself and an Israeli write a book about fashion. Normalization is also when Palestinians and Israelis meet "voluntarily" to discuss the Palestinian-Israeli conflict without the Israeli participant’s recognition of the Palestinian’s rights to return and self-determination. i.e. Well, all those programs we have been protesting!

"Voluntarily" being highlighted in the previous paragraph brings me to my second point. My birth certificate has the IDF civil administration logo on the top, and it’s written in Hebrew and Arabic, same as my ID card. Do you call this normalization? If you do, allow me to remind you that in the case of occupation, the occupier takes the responsibility of administrating the occupied nation’s needs. That includes issuing ID cards, drivers licenses…etc. In other words, we, the Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and in ‘48, don’t cooperate with the Israeli occupiers because we choose to, but because we have to. Or, do you want to lose your Jerusalem ID because you didn't renew it on time?

Beside Mr. Aziz’s ignorance in the definition of normalization, he has obviously never stepped foot in any of the weekly protests across the West Bank, such as the one in Nabi Saleh. Over the last 2 years, Israeli activists who recognize the Palestinian's rights to return and self-determination joined Palestinians in the field against their government’s oppression. They jump in front of the soldiers to protect Palestinians from getting arrested, and if they are arrested, they provide the needed legal aid to the detainees and their families. Many of those activists challenged their loved ones, their families, and their whole world to protest on our side.
Speaking of that, allow me to quote my friend’s sarcastic comment in Nabi Saleh last Friday, in which she referred to Mr. Aziz Abu Sarah’s article.

“I did something shockingly bad today, I called an Israeli activist "Habibti" after she swore she wouldn't sign release papers, in the case we got arrested, until we both get released. Aziz Abu Sarah, I have joined your ranks of Normalization.”

I recommend what Maath wrote about co-resistance

Finally, the Freedom Riders, I knew this would happen, and this is why many of the anti-normalization activists protested the action, as we were almost sure it would be misused, or at least misunderstood by world media. If you read the coverage of the action, you would see it. They ignored the original press release that explained why those activists were carrying out the action, and concentrated on what serves their propaganda. So, please, spare some time and read the press release again. You can also find my take onthe Freedom Rides actions right after it.

In the end, I have Israeli friends, they are good people, but the moment they reenlist in the army, or question my people’s rights to return and self-determination, they are out of my life.  
As the oppressor, Israelis hold more responsibilities than the oppressed Palestinians.
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a case of the oppressed against their oppressor, just a reminder in case you forgot.

Happy New Year 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Palestine in PA Text Books

A friend posted this earlier today on facebook, its a picture from the Palestinian English text book for fifth grade students, the book mark Palestine as the west bank and Gaza only, they even excluded Jerusalem from the map and marked it with black.  

The map in the book 

Another shot of the book it self

Which remind of what happened a few weeks ago, when many Palestinian went crazy, after Qatar showed the Palestinian map as the west bank and Gaza at the entrance of the Palestinian delegation in the opening of the Arab Games 2011. Most of the people who protested were the same mouth pieces that chanted and cheered for the PA united nation bid.

All of this make me wonder does my people understand what's going on? do they know what is happening? I know all the people are looking for a free Palestine, but the Palestine the people have in mind is much different than the one the Palestinian leaderships are seeking. 

I wish the people will wake up one day, and for one last time, they will take matters into their own hands. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Syria with Love

Syrian activist designed those posters to commemorate the third anniversary of Gaza Massacre. 
Thinking, those people in the middle of their revolution found time to remember the suffering of the people of Gaza. This is a True Arab Revolution. The Syrian people do know their path to freedom. 

Gaza, they have names

From Hums to Gaza, Peace

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lacoste Lining up with Oppression

French fashion brand Lacoste demands the removal of Bethlehem artist Larissa Sansour from major photographic prize.

It's all because of the Tree

The prestigious €25,000 Lacoste Elysée Prize is awarded yearly by the Swiss Musée de l’Elysée with sponsorship from Lacoste.
Larissa Sansour was among the eight artists shortlisted for the 2011 prize. In December 2011, Lacoste demanded that her nomination be revoked. Lacoste stated their refusal to support Sansour’s work, labeling it ‘too pro-Palestinian’. A special jury will convene in January 2012 to select the winner.
As a nominee, Sansour was awarded a bursary of €4,000 and given carte blanche to produce a portfolio of images for the final judging. In November 2011, three photos for Sansour’s Nation Estate project were accepted, and she was congratulated by the prize administrators on her work and professionalism. Sansour’s name was included on all the literature relating to the prize and on the website as an official nominee. Her name has since been removed, just as her project has been withdrawn from an upcoming issue of contemporary art magazine ArtReview introducing the nominated artists.
In an attempt to mask the reasons for her dismissal, Sansour was asked to approve a statement saying that she withdrew from her nomination ‘in order to pursue other opportunities’. Sansour has refused.
Sansour says: “I am very sad and shocked by this development. This year Palestine was officially admitted to UNESCO, yet we are still being silenced. As a politically involved artist I am no stranger to opposition, but never before have I been censored by the very same people who nominated me in the first place. Lacoste’s prejudice and censorship puts a major dent in the idea of corporate involvement in the arts. It is deeply worrying.”
Sansour’s shortlisted work, Nation Estate, is conceived in the wake of the Palestinian bid for UN membership. Nation Estate depicts a science fiction-style Palestinian state in the form of a single skyscraper housing the entire Palestinian population. Inside this new Nation Estate, the residents have recreated their lost cities on separate floors: Jerusalem on 3, Ramallah on 4, Sansour’s own hometown of Bethlehem on 5, etc.
The artist explains: “Last week the director of the museum calls me and says that unfortunately a high ranking someone at Lacoste (nobody knows his name) demanded that I be taken off the list of nominees. The strange thing is that Lacoste was in on the selection process from the very beginning, so they were fully aware of my work when they nominated me. What seems to have struck them is the content of this new work which is inspired by the Palestinian bid for official status at the United Nations. That appears to have been too controversial for Lacoste.”
Regretting Lacoste’s decision to censor Sansour’s work, Musée de l’Elysée has offered to exhibit the Nation Estate project outside of the confines of the Lacoste sponsorship. Musée de l’Elysée is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Lacoste Elysée Prize 2011 is the award’s second edition.
Søren Lind, Sansour’s assistant, declared today that Lacoste  had yet to give any public response on the matter.  Spokespersons for the Musée de l’Elysée were contacted, but no statement was forthcoming.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign has also denounced the decision by the Lacoste Elysée Prize to exclude Larissa Sansour from the final shortlist on grounds that her work is too ‘pro-Palestinian’in a public statement.
For further information: Larissa Sansour or assistant Soren Lind on +44 784 9011 977 and

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is How Israel Interrogate

The Israeli Chanel 2 made a report about the methods used by the Israeli inelegance during Shaikh Mustafa Drini interrogation, the leaked video is mainly in Arabic as the Interrogator spoked it with their victim, but the report itself is in Hebrew. I think you will get the idea. A man with no clothes but a jacket"sometimes" and 3 men threatening to rape him.

In a part of the video you can hear the interrogators threatening him in shoving a stick up in his rectum and taking a picture of him with stick in his ass. Shaikh Mustafa Dirini, talked in an interview following his release in the prisoner swap with Hizbuallah in 2004 about how the interrogators actually did shove a stick in his ass, also a couple of M14 assault rifles bullets as well.
He didn't leave the Israeli prison without filing a complains against his rapist.

The video:

Photo grapes from the video:

after watching this video, I could think of nothing but, Long live the resistance the only way to shove death into those Nazi hearts and minds.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

You don't need Books to see Injustice

A video in Arabic for an Egyptian worker in the Tahrir Square explaining why he is protesting. I translated the point the draw my attention the most from this 6 minutes video posted in December 17, 2011. 
The uploader wrote in the description "لو مش فاهم مين و ليه الناس بتنزل" "If you don't understand who and why people are protesting." 

If you don't understand Arabic, I tried to translate what I thought is important! 

Cameraman: "Why you came to the Tahrir?"
Worker: "For justice!"
Cameraman: "Why, didn't they do anything?"
Worker: "They didn't do anything, and they wont do, they always use the Budget as an excuse. while construction work is progressing in the 5th compound, for banks and corporations, for the rich, why those people business don't get interrupted, why when it come to the poor, things stops, No! Rice is expensive, Sugar is Expansive,(...). 
The Muslims Shaikhs as well, all of them, they only say, Allah said, Muhamad said, we know what they said, do we look infidel to you. Do what Allah said, and what Muhamad said, and we will follow, but you come and ask me to accept poverty while you enjoy wealth.
And the Muslim brotherhood, as soon as they made their deal with the rollers they declared the country as their own prize, 30 years in the oppressor jails, but now the whole country is their prize."     

After watching this video over and over and over, I could think of nothing, but how wrong I was when I talked about "educating" the people, or thinking I know better than they do. 
I thought of all the people who spend hours discussing Trotsky and Marx, and how small they are comparing to this man. how small am I for thinking that I know better. I had to read to learn, he lived it.

so, my dear thinker who spend their lives discussing Trotsky and Marx in closed rooms with clouds of smoke and tons of coffee, GO FUCK YOURSELF 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

To Mustafa's Mothers

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.

O beautiful mothers who have waited for their sons to return,
My beautiful sisters, which gave to the country what is most dear to the heart,
O most beautiful women dressed in mourning cloth,
For what do you want to sing and cry, what do you want of respect, loyalty, and order,
For when he gave the most precious, when the tender met the land’s call,
With tournament and sacrifice,
His soul went up to the heavens in splendor.
For this is the way of the free among the strain of the martyrs,
Of those who proceeded on the altar of freedom and redemption for Palestine.
For our belle Palestine the spirit pays a tribute and drenches the land with blood.
We comfort you and mourn you because you left like folding clouds in the sky,
So be our symbol who we seek its light.

Perhaps, my dearest sister, perhaps you are grasped in the perturbing sadness and in the numbness wounds,
Our blood defiled above the ground is a rose shining from behind the blockade,
A rose that lights the way for us to renew our path.
Mustafa’s blood writes; on the ground pregnant with the beloved; the opening anthem,
It is for Palestine that martyr fell after martyr, and when his hand captured the stone of the intifada (uprising) and victory,
The spirit of Umm Nizar ululated and Bakr sang.

We wont write about him or enrich him. As the doors of the heart leading to him and the reluctance of his songs with their hopes and aspirations announces his presence in us, and seek our presence in him.
On the walls we see his leaps,
On the ground we trace his footsteps,
In the fields we hear his whispering cry followed by a blessed stone that calls upon him,
We will remember him and will not forget him as he enriches us and we don’t enrich him.

God will bring him closer and purify him and grant him long life.

On our land pigmented with blood, in the village of redemption, the town of martyrs, the village of Nabi Saleh, the intifada of loyalty (uprising) opens the death laden.
Barbarians scatter snipers, invaders of death on the place and on the living,
To steal life and spread grief.
Earth groaned, when the murderers instilled the gas canister in Mustafa’s fragile flesh.
Leading his soul to the sky, to befriend the companions and prophets.

The seventh sky lights up and our mother, earth opens her heart to embrace his pure body to scent its ground with his blood.
On this day resistance is announced on the slopes, on the hills singing songs of revolutionaries for the land,
The voice announcing “we die for our people to live, Long live Palestine!”.

Do not shed tears Umm Mustafa, his soul embraces us to the spectra of freedom,
Through his eyes we will look on the horizon to our victory, the victory of blood over the sword. Dearest sister, it's not easy or easy to self stand in such a situation, but with patience and faith you will come out from the circle of grief to reverence and honor that befit the presence of a martyr. So sleep in the skies Mustafa, and send Umm Nizar my greeting and tell her verily here we stay, like our olives trees resisting until we continue to be. Until we write the statement of victory, of a long desired life - humanitarian up to all the meanings of living of freedom, democracy, justice, human dignity and peace.

‘Peace be upon you the day you were born, the day you departed and the day you will be alive again’.

Greetings of peace to your mother and your father.
With warmth in my heart I dedicate this to you and to them.

Bassem Tamimi
Ofer prison.

إلى آم المصطفى

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
يا أجمل الأمهات التي انتظرت ابنها وعاد يا أجمل الأخوات التي أعطت للوطن مهجة الفؤاد يا أجمل النساء التي ما نزوت في ثياب الحداد لكي ما تشائين من الغناء ومن البكاء لكي ما تشائين من الاحترام والوفاء ولكي ما تشائين من المديح ومن الثناء فحين أعطى أجزل العطاء لبى للأرض النداء بالبطولة والفداء فصعدت روحه إلى العلياء في بهاء فهذا نهج الأحرار من سلالة الشهداء من سبقوه ع...لى مذبح الحرية والفداء لا اجل فلسطيننا الحسناء تدفع الروح مهرا وتسقي الأرض بالدماء فلنا فيك العزاء لأنك رحلت كالغيم 
الملفع في السماء فكن شراعنا الذي نلتمس به الضياء .

لعلك يا أخت الروح في يقضة الحزن وغفوة الجراح ودمنا المستباح فوق الأرض وردة تلمع من خلف الحصار يضئ لنا الطريق لنجدد المسار فدم المصطفى يكتب على الأرض الحبلى بالأحباب الإحياء سفرا يقرأ فيه افتتاح النشيد فلأجل فلسطين سقط من الشهيد تلو الشهيد وحين قبضت كفه على حجرا الانتفاضة والنصر زغردت له روح ام نزار وغنى بكر لن نكتب عنه أو نرثيه فأبواب القلب تفضى إليه وتردد أغانيه وتحمل أماله وأمانيه تعلن حضوره فينا وتبحث عن حضورنا فيه فنرى على السور قفزته وعلى للأرض خطوته ونسمع في المدى صرخته حين يتبعه حجرا مباركا ينشده ويناديه سنذكره ولن ننساه فهو الذي يرثينا ولا نرثيه فالله يقربه 
ويصطفيه وامتداد الحياة يجزيه .

على راضنا المخضبة بدمنا في قرية الفداء بلدة الشهداء النبي صالح انتفاضة الوفاء تفتح كوة من حُسن الموت المحمل برابرة العصر
 ليوزع قناصة الغزاة الموت على المكان والإنسان ليهب الحياة وترسيخ المعاناة تراب يئن يخضبه دم مصطفى حين يغرس ألقتله قنبلة الغاز في لحمه الطري فتصعد روحه إلى العلياء رفيق الصديقين والأنبياء يضئ سمائنا السابعة وتفتح أمنا الأرض قلبها لا احتضان طهر جسده لتعطر التراب من مسك دمه وفي يومه صهلت جيادنا المسرجة بالمقاومة على الروابي والسفوح تغني للأرض أغاني الثوار وتعلن بصوت دمه نموت ليعيش شعبنا وتحيا فلسطين

لا تبكيه يا أم مصطفى فروحه تأخدنا لنعانق أطياف حريتنا الحائرة ونطل من فضاء عينيه على أفق انتصارنا انتصار الدم على السيف فيا أخت الروح ليس الأمر سهلا ولا هينا على النفس الوقوف في مثل هذا الموقف ولكن بالصبر والإيمان نخرج من دائرة الحزن والفجيعة إلى مستوى الإجلال والإكرام الذي يليق بحضرة الدم والشهداء فنم في عليائك قرير العين يا حمامة سلامنا وأقرئ آم نزار مني السلام واخبرها إنا باقون هنا كأشجار زيتوننا نقاوم حتى نستمر في إن نكون ولنكتب في الأحمر القاني بيان انتصارنا للحياة المشتهاة التي نستحقها من بابها الإنساني صعودا إلى كل المعاني الحية من الحرية والديمقراطية والعدالة والكرامة الإنسانية والسلام .
سلام عليك يوم ولدت ويوم رحلت ويوم تبعث حيا والسلام.

وسلام على أمك وأبيك ودفئ قلبي اهديهم وأهديك.

باسم التميمي 
سجن عوفر

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ok, Razan in Jail, lets not just blog about it

نحن مجموعة من المدونين والناشطين الشباب الفلسطينيين نطلق صرختنا مرة أخرى تضامنًا مع كافة معتقلي الثورة السورية العظيمة جميعهم/ن من ناشطين/ات، فنانين/ات، مدونيين/ات وغيرهم الذين أطلقوا ولا زالوا يطلقون أصواتهم عاليًا في الشارع وعبر المنصات المختلفة مطالبين بالحريّة والعدالة ووقف الظلم والاستبداد وسياسة كم الأفواه الذي يتبعها النظام السوري منذ ما يزيد عن أربعة عقود سنوات.
نطلق بياننا هذا، تضامناً معهم ومع المدونة السورية رزان الغزاوي والتي لم يتوقف يومًا دعمها ومساندتها للقضية الفلسطينية، وكانت أول من تضامن مع المدونين الفلسطينيين الذين لم يحصلوا على تأشيرات دخول للمشاركة في مؤتمر المدونين العرب الأخير في تونس. وكانت رزان قد نشرت تدوينة لها في العام 2008 إبان الحرب على غزة بعنوان "حول فكرة "التضامن" مع غزة"، قائلة: أفهم أن يتضامن سكّان كوبا والبرازيل وباكستان مع غزّة، لكنّني لا أفهم حين يتضامن السوريون واللبنانيون والأردنيون لا بل الفلسطينيون في الشتات مع غّزة، فماذا يُقصد بالتضامن هنا؟".

لا نتضامن مع رزان الغزاوي و150 معتقلة سورية وكلّ المعتقلين فقط، بل نعلن أن مصيرنا وهمّنا ونضالنا واحد، وأنه لا يمكن لفلسطين أن تتحرر لطالما بقيت شعوبنا العربية تعيش تحت الأنظمة الرجعية والظالمة، وأن فلسطين ستكون حرّة حين ستكون سوريا حرّة والشعب السوري يعيش بكرامة.
الحريّة لكلّ المعتقلين في سجون النظام السوري. وتحيا الثورة السورية، حرّة من 
الدكتاتورية، و ومن التدخّل الخارجي، ومن الطائفية.


أماني اغبارية
خالد الشهابي
علاء أبو دياب
علي المصري
محمد جرادات
ميساء عزايزة
نهال العلمي
هلا الصفدي
هناء محاميد

We, a group of Palestinian bloggers and activists raise our voices loud and clear in solidarity with all the prisoners of the Great Syrian Revolution. We stand with all the prisoners, activists, artists, bloggers and others, all who are shouting in the streets or on various platforms demanding freedom and justice, while decrying the huge amount on injustice and oppression practiced by the Syrian regime for more than four decades.
We issue this statement in solidarity with all those Syrian activists, and with the blogger Razan Ghazzawi who was arrested on December 4th, on the Jordanian-Syrian crossing border. Razan was adamant in her support for the Palestinian cause. She was the first to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian bloggers who were not granted a visa to enter Tunisia in order to participate in the Arab Bloggers Conference. Razan posted a blog in 2008 during the massacre on Gaza titled, "The Idea of Solidarity with Gaza." She wrote, "I understand when Cubans, Brazilians, and Pakistanies stand in solidarity with Gaza. But what I do not understand is when Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and also Palestinians in exile stand in solidarity. What is the meaning of solidarity in this context?"

Not only do we stand in solidarity with Razan and the other prisoners, but we also affirm that our destiny is one, our concerns are one, and our struggle is one. Palestine can never be free while the Arab people live under repressive and reactionary regimes. The road to a free Palestine comes with a free Syria, in which Syrians live in dignity.

Freedom to all of the prisoners in the Syrian regime's cells. Long live the Syrian Revolution, free from dictatorship, sectarianism, and foreign intervention.


Alaa Abu Diab
Ali AlMasri
Amani Ighbaria
Hala AlSafadi
Hanaa Mahameed
Khaled AlShihabi
Maisaa Azayzeh
Mohamed Jaradat
Nihal ElAlami

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hussam Abd Al-Azez

He was 19 years old when a an Israeli Jeep opened fire on him, the Shabak officers walked to his bleeding body, stepped on his chest and open fire again! the Israeli left the body ragged with bullets.

"He used to come and sit with us, he either called me Khalti or Um Ahmad, he refused to take money from anyone, he was highly principled, he went to his own death" my mom said while she was squeezing some oranges. 

She continued, "they hated him, they wanted him dead, poor kid, he was sent to jail when he was 12, was released 5 years later, he had a Leukemia, they didn't want to pay for his treatment, so they released him, he was dying anyway." 

My father volunteers to add to the story, "they were a group of young activist, they were specialized in throwing Molotov cocktails, once he and another young boy, throw a Molotov at a passing Jeep, the soldiers chased them for a while, the kids ran up the mountains. Soldiers tried to surround them so they ran back, jumped over a wall, where Hussam got injured, he started to bleed yet, they still had to hide, so they ran into the near grave yard, and hide in a coffin, the army searched the grave yard for a while, as soon as they left they ran to the Hospital, Hussam has already lost a lot of blood, his friend called for help, a nurse rushed for help, they tried to help but he needed blood, they found non but disposed blood bag, the blood was tainted, but they didn't care, well, no much choices there, dont you think! few weeks later they were captured."

My dad stopped to protest me using the actual names, "I know it's long time ago, don't trust those bastards." After deleting the name and replacing it with comrade, my dad continued, "they were sentenced for 12 years, few months after their arrest, the prisoners declared a hunger strike, they joined, 5 days later, Hussam was very sick, they took him to the Hospital. In the Hospital they told him, you have to change blood every week, you blood is tainted! 4 years later the Israeli authority released him, they are no longer paying for his treatment."

I found nothing better than telling the story of an unknown Initfada's soldiers to commemorate the first Intifida!

The Palestinian Never Dies!, Have you ever saw a nation die!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cut The Crap People! Will You?

In Wednesday 7/12, me and some fellow activist met with a German parlimant member called Volker Beck, from the Green party.

We started by talking about the challenges we face as bloggers and activist living in Palestine, then we started to discuss politics in general, then we were asked, how we see the ultimate solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I remember explaining the idea of one state solution before my fellow Palestinians picked up and continued the discussion. I was trying to tweet when I heard Mr. Beck saying "... you must understand the Israeli need to have a Jewish homeland!..."
This brought to my mind an old calls to establish an Islamic state in Palestine by some Salafis groups. which made me smile, the enemies seek the same objective, a religious state; and both side supporters uses the same words " must understand the needs...". in this case you must understand my needs to tell you "Over my dead Body" (pretty much sure both, will says "gladly")

it cant get any better!

I am not against any religion, to be honest I cant care less about them and their ideologies. but when they seeks a religious state, then dear, we have a problem here, can you please answers the follow questions? please. Why you want a religious state? Can you guarantees an equal rights by law for all? Can you explain to me how? Can you guarantees the resident of your religious state wont discriminate against the people from other faiths or sects? and how?
Please feel free to answer my questions, thank you!

I don't understand why the Jews want a Jewish homeland, I don't even understand why Muslim want an Islamic homeland. I understand one thing humans want lands to live on!, it doesn't have to be Jewish or Muslims. You go to a country, you live in this country, no one on earth should come to you and says "guess what you are minority here! so yaa! you either announce loyalty or fuck off". or "those are our roles, although they are against your believes you must follow, we are after all the majority here! love it or leave it!". Well, people have you ever seen this, they call it The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 3:Every person has the right to live. Every person has the right to be free and the right to feel safe wherever he or she may live. 
Article 13:All people have the right to move and live within the borders of each State. Everyone has the right to leave any country and return to his or her country.

Anyway just a couple of question to anyone who support Israel, Do you think "Jews"(1) were going to suffer if they just moved into Palestine and didn't take the whole land by arms?
Do you think antisemitism will exist in Middle East, if they were "are" harmless?
If your answer is Yes, then surprise, you are nothing but a "Racist"(2).

1800's Jews in Palestine

1- I know, Jews are not the one to blame, the Zionist are, but I couldn't form the sentence in any other ways. English is not my native language after all. :)

2- Assuming individuals or nation will hate and discriminate against other nations, based on their religion or look is racism. in best case Stereotyping.