Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quote Worth Sharing

 A friend of mine posted this great quote from Lee Maracle's book "Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel". 
In the process of struggling against racism white people will discover that there own lives have not been filled with joy or freedom. If they don’t struggle with racism they will never be able to chart their own path to freedom. Their humanity will always be tainted, imprisoned by the horrific lie that “at least my life is not as tragic as ‘others’.I have bent my back to this plough for some decades now. It is Canada’s turn. Look for your complicit silence, look for inequity between yourself and others. Search out the meaning of colonial robbery and figure out how you are going to undo it all. Don’t come to us saying “What can we do to help?” and expect us not to laugh heartily. You need help. You need each and every white person in this country to commend those lone people of colour sticking their necks out and opposing racism where it rears its ugly head. You need to challenge your friends, your family whenever they utter inhuman sentiments about some other race of people.We — I — We will take on the struggle for self-determination and lay the foundation… But so long as your own home needs cleaning, don’t come to mine, broom in hand. Don’t wait for me to jump up, put my back to the plough, whenever racism shows itself. You need to get out there and object, all by yourself.We have worked hard enough for you.

The picture bellow is from the Oka crisis, started when the town of Oka planed to expand a golf course, and residential area onto a land which had traditionally been used by the Mohawk. It included pineland and a burial ground, marked by standing tombstones of their ancestors. The Mohawks had filed a land claim for the sacred grove and burial ground near Kanesatake, but their claim had been rejected in 1986.
The crisis started in July,11,1990 and ended in September, 26, 1990, one person died. The expansion plans was canceled  
Standing up for their Right 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Video from Chicago to Hana Shalabi

Hana Shalabi was brutally arrested in February 16, 2012, she is in hunger strike since then, protesting the Israeli administrative detention policy. 
Hana Shalabi is following the steps of Khader Adnan who started a hunger strike in December 17 lasted for 66 days, before he ended it, in a deal, in which he be release in April 16 or charged, giving him the chance to defend himself. 

A group of Activist in Chicago, made this great video for Hana, the video start with the definition of the Administrative detention, to continue with the story of Hana detention for 2 years, release in the prisoner swap deal, and then arrest again.

Hana Shalabi is not the only one in hunger strike in the Israeli prison complex, many fellow prisoners joined her making this even a larger action against the Israeli unjust and inhuman policies.

The True Face of the "Civilized" World

The man in the picture above is Staff Sergeant Rober Bales. The man who committed the Kandahar Massacre in March 11, 2012. in which 17 Afghan were killed.

The victims are, as reported by AlJazeera senior producer in Afghanistan Qais Azimy

The dead:
Mohamed Dawood son of  Abdullah
Khudaydad son of Mohamed Juma
Nazar Mohamed
Shatarina daughter of Sultan Mohamed
Zahra daughter of Abdul Hamid
Nazia daughter of Dost Mohamed
Masooma daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Farida daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Palwasha daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Nabia daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Esmatullah daughter of Mohamed Wazir
Faizullah son of Mohamed Wazir
Essa Mohamed son of Mohamed Hussain
Akhtar Mohamed son of Murrad Ali

The wounded:Haji Mohamed Naim son of Haji Sakhawat
Mohamed Sediq son of Mohamed Naim

Now you know what he did!

Make his face famous! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tiziano Project

Dear Tiziano Project,

In a statement issued by the Tiziano project in February 2012, you announced the Tiziano Project’s intention to “complete a documentary project on Jerusalem” in March and April of 2012 that will be “open to participants from both East and West Jerusalem.” Your statement specified that your “program will specifically be made up of community members and not activists from either East or West Jerusalem.”

According to a Facebook post on the official Tiziano Project Facebook page you explained that “Directly after our program in Palestine, we will also be doing a program in Jerusalem to not only present both sides to the story, but also to foster dialogue between Israel and Palestine.”

In a letter written to you by the participants in your Ramallah Training [link to letter] you asked to “respect the BDS call by not conducting any future activities/projects with Israelis who don't recognize our inalienable rights as included in the BDS call” or they would have to pull out of the class. As you failed to respond to the points listed in that letter, we would like to explain to you again why continuing with your project as planned contrary to the highest journalism standards you claim to adhere to.

The project you are pursuing means that you are repeating deceitful propaganda as opposed to adhering to the truth.

Rather than exposing these realities, your project propagates the Zionist myth of a “(re)united city.” In reality, the term “East Jerusalem” is a term invented to describe the old city of Jerusalem, it's immediate surroundings and land confiscated from 28 surrounding Palestinian villages around which Israel expanded West Jerusalem's municipal borders in 1967 following its occupation thus illegally annexing that land. The Palestinians in the annexed areas are suffering ongoing slow ethnic cleansing and dispossession  while Israel continues to hand their land and homes over to Jewish settlers. This process is barely disguised but the Tizaino project seems to insist not to ask the questions that need to be asked to expose this and instead take Israel’s propoganda about one city at face value.

By making sure to exclude activists you ensure that if any of these issues might be addressed it would be my chance, rather than including those who would confront such issues and share narratives that expose truth.

Due to your refusal to even acknowledge the request of Palestinian participants in the Ramallah Training, Palestinian participants and organizers chose to discontinue the Tiziano Project trainings.

As an organization whose mission is to work in conflict and post conflict zones and empower those who lack access to express their narratives, we ask again that the Tiziano Project learn about the situation in Palestine, including occupied East Jerusalem. We ask that you educate yourself and pursue the truth rather than repeating false Israeli propaganda and We ask that you respect the Palestinian Call to BDS.

B.D.S is the least we can do for Palestine.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lets talk about the IDF lies

Earlier today the Israeli army spokesperson on Twitter Avital Leibovich  tweeted a video that she claimed was of an Islamic Jihad rocket launcher in action from the latest ongoing Israeli massacre of the Gaza Strip which until now, has killed 21 people (including two children) and injured over 60 in the past four days. 

The video

I recognized the video immediately as I had already watched the same 10 second clip a few months ago.  After a very short search I found the original video uploaded on October 11,2011, from the time when the Israeli army warplanes killed killing 7 Islamic Jihad members in an airstrike on Rafah, south of Gaza.

Avital through her tweets tried to mislead her followers by implying this video is from the encounter currently taking place in Gaza in an attempt to justify the brutal crimes committed by the only democracy in Middle East. 

Before I end, I must point out this tweet came hours after this post on the IOF blog. The Israeli army propagandists are gleefully congratulating themselves after proving a photo of an injured girl was from a few years ago, but as is the nature of Zionist trolling they have fallen in the same trap and unwittingly made the same mistake. Too bad not all of their followers are brain dead, and once again the Israeli army has its lies exposed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Danny Ayalon on the Palestinian Refugees

Danny is back with another video, this time about the Palestinian refugees. 
The video titled "The truth about the Refugees" but he can't be further from it. 

The video mentions the 800,000.00 Arab Jews who were forced out of their home countries by the corrupted Arab regimes in Iraq, Morocco, Algeria...etc. Yet he fails to remember many decided to stay regardless to their country regimes practices. Which match Israel's practices against the Arab population from early 50's until our present time.  

Later on, Danny talks about the Palestinian refugees conditions in the host countries. as most of them have been denied the right of citizenship, work, health cares, and free movement, which is true. All of those Fascist practices are the Palestinians refugees reality in Lebanon.

Then he talks about how the Palestinian refugees having their own UN agency "feeling special", the UNRWA while the rest of the world's refugees have the UNHCR. 
He mentions UNHCR duties in helping refugees to settle down in the host country, and how the refugees loses the refugee status if they got a citizenship from a recognized country, and finally how the refugee status wont be passed through generations. Unlike the UNRWA, who limits its duties in managing the Palestinian refugees daily life, such as food, schools, clinics..ect.

Danny forgot one simple fact, the UNRWA is a UN agency to manage the Palestinian refugees life, until the world find a political solution satisfies all parties. Unlike the UNCHR who have sole duty, solve the refugee issue with any mean necessary, which is not just, at all. 

All refugees want to go home, and the world should help them in doing that. Not just the Palestinians.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

David Grossman: Why? Who died?

Last Friday Haaretz did something unusual: it placed an opinion piece on top of its front page.  But it wasn't just  an ordinary opinion piece, it was written by one of the country foremost novelists, David Grossman. The article, like Emile Zola's J'accuse, to which it has been compared, was a moral critique. Many who read it were very moved. But the moral missive never appeared in English (at least to my knowledge). The English Haaretz has always been somewhat reticent in presenting Israel to the world. And of course translating Grossman is not easy, he is a master of the language and the art of writing.I have no idea whether I have done justice to this work. But it needed to be translated. The message is too important. Hebrew original.
Translated by Sol Salbe of the Middle East News Service, Melbourne Australia.

Why? Who died?

All said and done  it is merely a minor story about an illegal alien who stole a car, was injured in an accident, then released from hospital to have cops dump him, still injured to die the by the roadside.  What are the building blocks that lead to such an atrocity?

David Grossman

Omar Abu Jariban, a resident of the Gaza Strip, staying illegally in Israel, stole a car and was seriously injured while driving it. He was released from the Sheba Medical Centre while his treatment was still ongoing and handed over to the custody of the Rehovot Police station.  The police were unable to identify him. He himself was bewildered and confused. The Rehovot Police officers decided to get rid of him. According to Chaim Levinson’s account, they loaded him onto a police van at night accompanied by three policemen. He was still attached to a catheter, was wearing an adult nappy and a hospital gown. Two days later he was found dead by the roadside.

Omar Abu Jariban
It’s a minor story. We have already read some like it and others where even worse. And when it is all said and done who is the subject of this story: an illegal infiltrator, from Rafah and a vehicle thief to boot.  And at any rate it happened as long ago as 2008, there is a statue of limitation to consider. And we have other, fresher, more immediate matters which are more relevant for us to consider. (And beside all that, they started it, we offered them everything and they refused and don’t forget the terrorism.).
Ever since I read the story,  I find it difficult  to breathe the air here:  I keep on thinking about that trip in the police van, as if some part of me  had remained there, bonded  on  permanently and impossible to be prise out.  How precisely did the incident pan out? it? What are the real, banal, tangible elements that coalesced together make up such an atrocity?

From the newspaper I gather that there were three cops there alongside Omar.  Again and again I run the video clip mentally in my head: Was he sitting like them on the seat or was he lying on the floor of the van? Was he handcuffed or not? Did anybody talk to him? Did they offer him a drink? Did they share a laugh? Did they laugh at him? Did they poke fun at his adult nappy?  Did they laugh at his confusion or at his catheter? Did they discuss what he was capable of while still attached to the catheter or once he would be separated from it?  Did they say that he deserved what was coming? Did they kick him lightly like mates do, or maybe because the situation demanded a swift kick? Or did they just kick him for the heck of it, just because they could, and why not?

Besides, how can someone be discharged just like that from medical treatment at the Sheba Medical Centre?  Who let him out in his condition?  What possible explanation could they put down on the discharge papers which they signed off?
And what happened when the van reached the Maccabim checkpoint [not far from Jerusalem -tr]? I read in the newspaper that an argument ensued with the Israeli checkpoint commander, and that he refused to accept the patient. Did Omar hear the argument about him from within the van, or did they drag him out of the van and plonked  him in front of the commander, replete with catheter, nappy and hospital gown for a rapid overall assessment by the latter? And the commander said no. And yalla! We are on our way again. So they returned to van, and they kept on going. And now the guys in the van are perhaps not quite as nice before, because it is getting late and they want to get back and wonder what have they done to have deserved copping  this sand nigger and what are they going to do with him now.  If the Maccabim checkpoint rejected him, there was no way in which the Atarot checkpoint will take him. It is now pitch black outside and by the by, while traveling on Route 45, between the Ofer military base to the Atarot checkpoint, a thought or a suggestion pops up.  Perhaps someone said something and nobody argued against, or perhaps someone did argue back but the one who came up with the original suggestion carried more weight. Or perhaps there was no argument, someone said something and someone else felt that this is precisely what needs to be done, and one of them says to the driver, pull over for a moment, not here,  it’s too well lit, stop there. You, yes you, move it, get your arse into gear you piece of shit – thanks to you our van stinks;, you ruined our evening, get going! What do you mean to where?  Go there.
And what happens next? Does Omar remain steady on his feet, or are his legs unable to carry him? Do they leave him on the side of the road, or do physically take him there, and how? Do the haul him? Do they drag him deeper into the field?

You stay here! Do not follow us! Do not move!
And then they return to the car, walking a little bit more briskly, glancing behind their shoulder to ensure that he is not pursuing them. As if he already has something infectious about him. No, not his injury. Something else is already beginning to exude out of him, like bad tidings, or his court sentence. Come on, let’s get going, it’s all over.

And he, Omar Abu Jariban, what did he do then?  Did he merely stand on his own feet or did he suddenly grasp what was happening, and started running and shouting that they should take him with them? And perhaps he did not realise anything, because as we said, he was confused and bewildered, and just stood there on the road or in the field, and saw a road, and a police van driving away. So what did he do? What did he really do?  Started walking aimlessly, with some sort of a vague notion that somehow being a little further away would turn out somewhat better? Or maybe he just sat down and stared blankly in front of him and tried to figure it, but it was clearly beyond his comprehension for he was in no position to understand anything? Or perhaps he lay down and  curled up on the ground and waiting? Why? And whom did he think about? Did he have someone, somewhere, to think about?  Did the thought occur to any of those police officers, at any time during that whole night that there was someone, a man, a woman or a whole family for whom Omar was important? Someone who cared about him? Did it occur to them that it was possible, with a little bit more of an effort to locate this person and hand Omar to them?

Two days later they found his body.  But I have no idea how much time had elapsed from the moment they dumped him by the roadside until he died. Who knows when it dawned on him that this was it; that his body did not have enough strength left to save himself. And even if could have summonsed the energy, he was trapped a situation from which there was no exit, that his short life was about to end here. His brother Mohammed, said by telephone from Gaza, "They simply threw him to the dogs". And in the newspaper it says, "Horrible as it may sound, the brother accurately described what happened.”  And I read it and the image turns into something real, and I try to wipe that image from my mind.
And in the police van, what happened there after they dumped Omar ? Did they talk among themselves? About what?  Did they fire each other up with hatred and disgust at him, to retrospectively justify what they did?   To justify what in their heart of hearts they knew stood in contrast to something.  Maybe that thing was the law (but the law, they probably imagined, they could handle).  But maybe it was contrary to something deeper, some deeply ingrained memory in them which they found themselves in, many years ago. Maybe it was moral tale or a children's story  in which the good was good and the bad was bad.  Perhaps one of them recalled something they learnt at school --- they did pass through our education system, didn’t they? Let’s say it was S Yizhar’s HaShavuy (the captive).
Or maybe the three of them pulled out their mobile phones and spoke to the wife, the girlfriend the son. At such times you may want to talk to someone from the outside. Someone who wasn’t here who did not touch this thing.
Or maybe they kept quiet.

No, silence was perhaps a little bit too dangerous at that point. Still, something was beginning to creep up the van’s interior; a sort of a viscous dark sensation, like a terrifying sin, for which there is no forgiveness. Maybe one of them yet did suggest softly, let’s go back. We’ll tell him that we were pulling his leg. We can’t go on like this, dumping a human being.
The paper says: “As a result of the police Internal Affairs investigation, negligent homicide charges were filed in March 2009 against only two of the officers who were involved in dumping and abandoning Abu Jariban.  Evidence has yet to be submitted in a trial of the pair but in the meantime, one of the two accused has been promoted.”

I know that they do not represent the police. Nor do they represent our society or the state. It's only a handful or bad apples, or unwelcomed weeds. But then I think about a people which has dumped a whole other nation on the side of the road and has backed the process to the hilt over 45 years, all the while having not a bad life at all, thank you. I think about a people which has been engaging in a brilliant genius-like denial of its own responsibility for the situation. I think of a people, which has managed to ignore the warping and distorting of its own society and the madness that the process has had on its own national values. Why should such a people get all excited over  a single such Omar?

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