Monday, March 12, 2012

Lets talk about the IDF lies

Earlier today the Israeli army spokesperson on Twitter Avital Leibovich  tweeted a video that she claimed was of an Islamic Jihad rocket launcher in action from the latest ongoing Israeli massacre of the Gaza Strip which until now, has killed 21 people (including two children) and injured over 60 in the past four days. 

The video

I recognized the video immediately as I had already watched the same 10 second clip a few months ago.  After a very short search I found the original video uploaded on October 11,2011, from the time when the Israeli army warplanes killed killing 7 Islamic Jihad members in an airstrike on Rafah, south of Gaza.

Avital through her tweets tried to mislead her followers by implying this video is from the encounter currently taking place in Gaza in an attempt to justify the brutal crimes committed by the only democracy in Middle East. 

Before I end, I must point out this tweet came hours after this post on the IOF blog. The Israeli army propagandists are gleefully congratulating themselves after proving a photo of an injured girl was from a few years ago, but as is the nature of Zionist trolling they have fallen in the same trap and unwittingly made the same mistake. Too bad not all of their followers are brain dead, and once again the Israeli army has its lies exposed.

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